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Serving the people of Fresno February 2014 - February 2016

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

YSA everyday!

Working with the YSA is SO different than working in any other area. In order to teach someone we have to ensure that they are: 1) between 18 and 31 2) not married 3) have no kids... This can be odd to establish... Shocking, right? Well regardless of if they are YSAs or not, we teach EVERYONE and we invite EVERYONE to come unto Christ. He is THE only way we can find true happiness. One thing about missions is that we base our success on the number of invitations we extend, not on the number of invitations that are accepted. Our branch is so amazing. We have about 30 active members, and I learn about our Redeemer every time I interact with any of them. We had the opportunity to do two things I had been missing this week: mow a lawn and garden. Service as a missionary is somehow twenty times better than service before you are set apart. While Elder Moss was in the garden, Andrew (one of our members' 7 year old cousins) and I went and mowed the lawn. After I had been mowing for no longer than twenty seconds, Andrew insisted on mowing. The lawn was too big for him. The lawn mower was too heavy. But he did it. I was sitting there watching and I got to feel, for a brief moment, a portion of how our Father in Heaven feels. At first he just mowed random patches with no real pattern. I had to point out the spots he missed. He was so eager to mow them again. I hope this has all made since. Eventually I began to realize that the Lord is so much more concerned with how often we go to Him then He is with how often we make mistakes. Dillon is being baptized on Wednesday and we are about to go bowling for his birthday today! Please pray for him. I know you will. Thank you for all you do.
Elder King

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