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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Funny how we learn

So we toss around a quote a lot here: "Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles." It is a cool quote, but think about that? It is an amazing quote. Because Elder Moss is our District Leader he goes down to meetings quite a bit, so I get the opportunity to go on exchanges and lead our area quite a bit. On one of these exchanges we had two right in a row, so I had to plan on my own. When we get in every night we plan. We don't change out of our proselyting clothes until planning is finished. On this particular occasion (the first of my two exchanges) I was with two other Elders who were also training. Right when we got in they changed, and without even thinking I changed into my pajamas and then planned. The next day went horrendously. Everyone canceled on us. We got chased by some crazy guy. I lost my scriptures. What else could go wrong? I am so grateful for this experience. Oh and to top it all off, I was with Elder Leavitt (our zone leader who has been serving for over 20 months). So I know my thoughts are random, but essential what I am saying is that God knows what we need to be happy. The Creator of the Universe and His Father are so invested in us that they gave us a plan of happiness. They tell us everything we need by sending us the Comforter. They literally send a member of the Godhead to be with us always. Life is rough sometimes. Sometimes we fall in to ruts. I promise you that if you look to the Lord you will find happiness, regardless of your circumstances. Our baptism for yesterday fell through because our investigator had some things he is still struggling with. I love him. He is such a good example of courage in the face of opposition. Weeks go by so fast out here. 
Real quick I want to type out this awesome poem that an Elder in my zone let me see:

In His Steps

"The road is rough," I said, "dear Lord;
these stones, they hurt me so."
He said, "Dear child, I understand;
I walked it long ago."

"But there's a cool green path," I said.
"I'll walk there for a time."
"No child," He gently answered me,
"The green road does not climb."

"My burden, Lord, is far too great,
how can I bear it so?"
"My child," said He, "I know its weight;
I bore my cross, you know."

"I wish there were some friends with me,
who'd make my way their own."
"Ah, yes," He said, "Gethsemane
was hard to face alone."

And so I climbed the stony path,
content at last to know,
that where my Master had not gone,
I would not need to go. 

And strangely then I found new friends,
the burden grew less sore,
as I remembered - long ago,
He went this way before.

-Leona B. Gates

If you wonder why life is hard, just remember. He is teaching you to grow. I am so grateful for your example to me, and I pray for you always.
Elder King

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