Serving the people of Fresno

Serving the people of Fresno February 2014 - February 2016

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Elder Jaron Hoani King:A week full of meetings!

Elder Jaron Hoani King:  These past ten days have been miraculous. Statistically Elder Bennett and I have 1 baptismal date, and only about 6 true investigators... But as Elder Holland quotes in this past general conference: in Christianity, where there is more joy in Heaven over one sinner who repents than over 99 and 9 just persons; God must not be overly concerned with percentages. Elder Bennett is a spectacular companion. Last week President Clark gave us an amazing training on Amulek, and how BECAUSE Alma "dined with less-actives" he was able to have an amazing team-up. (I apologize for all the missionary lingo, it is just the only way to express these things.) And then at church on Sunday we had three investigators attend! They weren't there because of anything we did, but President and Sister Kimball were leaving on their mission to Mozambique, and they have been such wonderful missionaries that everyone wanted to come out and here them speak. The Astle's (our ward mission leader) little girl Haley loves to say that "Elder King is harmless" (she is 8 and so cute! I am sure you have a picture of her because she was baptized at the same time as her brother Steven) ANYWAY I was reading in Alma 18:22 and it describes Ammon... yes, THAT Ammon as being "wise yet harmless." At first I thought it wasn't a good thing, but I realize we really do all have our own personalities. I can't believe I have gotten this far without telling you the biggest news:

JAMES BOUGHT A RING! James and Dustie will be married soon, and we are super excited. I know God answers prayers. I know that He sent His Only Begotten to Earth because He loves YOU. I love you, and I'm so proud to call you my friends.

Elder King