Serving the people of Fresno

Serving the people of Fresno February 2014 - February 2016

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Christlike Wanderers

Yesterday Elder Lindner (one of the North Elders) and I read through the last few verses of Jacob. He is such an incredible missionary. Every person you see has already chosen not to rebel against God's plan once. That makes it easier right! Don't be afraid to invite. That is all people need sometimes. This last week we had so many investigators at church. They are all going through some extremely tough and individually difficult circumstances, but they "know in whom [they] have trusted" (2 Ne 4:19) TJ (one of our investigators) is so amazing because he always opens up his home to his friends who need some help. We haven't been able to see he and his family at church, but I know they can make it with your prayers. He has this saying: "It's better to eat hot dogs with friends than steak alone." I love TJ. He really gets it. We keep running in to these people who are begging us to read The Book of Mormon. It is amazing how prepared these people are, and I know they are just as prepared where you are. We got to play some "wiffle" ball while we taught our twin 9 year old investigators Kylan and Keith. They love baseball and remind me so much of Connor. Please keep them in your prayers. Love y'all!
Elder King

Monday, July 14, 2014

Elder Jaron Hoani King: "Shutting the door on angels"

This last week was fairly normal until the weekend. Holy cow this weekend was emotional. On Friday we were out street contacting (which is just the best, we get to talk with people everyday who have no idea what they are missing) and there was no one outside but little kids. It was too hot for any sane adult to be outside, but the kids were out, so we talked with them. There was this little girl who said her mom really needs a prayer. She was about 5 and we followed her to her house. Her mother was less than pleased to see us, but as we were walking away we heard the little girl say, "You just shut the door on angels." It is incredible that little children can recognize us as official representatives of our Savior. They understand so much about life. This life really isn't intended to be complicated. The devil convinces us to make it too hard. If you have 30 seconds, give God 30 seconds. Read one verse. Even if it is just reciting 1 Nephi 2:15 or Jacob 6:12 in your head, I know that our Father in Heaven will be so proud of you and your decision to walk by faith and follow His Son's example. On Saturday we were biking around and literally NO ONE was able to meet with us. We were seriously wondering what we were going to do because we hadn't had any water in a few hours, and we still had a few hours before dinner. We felt impressed to visit a former investigator who lived pretty far away, but on our way we saw a Rams decal on a truck... We took a chance. We biked up and asked for water. Fred and his wife offered us water and pineapple, and as far as I am concerned, saved my life. It was incredible because they said they aren't interested in our message, but they were more than happy to help. Please keep an eye out for people who need your help. They are everywhere. They probably won't be as easy to recognize as missionaries drenched in sweat, but God will lead you to them as you keep a prayer in your heart. Tangie was baptized and wow what a beautiful service. President and Sister Clark were able to attend, and the Spirit was incredible. Their family is so close to their Savior. If I can be half the man that Tangie's husband Maurice is, then I know I will be doing fine. I know this church is true. I know God loves you. Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement.

Elder Jaron Hoani King:New Mission President and the 4th

Fresno isn't quite the most "comfortable" place I've ever lived, but there sure are some amazing people who live here. This week was filled with so many wonderful, lasting experiences. On Thursday we got to have a meet and greet meeting with President and Sister Clark. They are such amazing people. We got to spend a couple minutes with each of them just talking. Elder Bryner and I got to spend the fourth with the Recias family. They are so amazing, and sister Recias' sister (say that ten times fast) is one of our investigators! We played monopoly with them and I couldn't help but flash back to those fun times in Midway with Gretchen and Sean. Yesterday we ran in to a man who once took discussions from the missionaries before, but he wasn't able to be baptized at the time because of his circumstances. It was interesting to see that his only problem with the church was one bad experience. He talked about how he knows the church is true, but he just won't be baptized. "Wow," was the only thought that could run through my mind. We ask people everyday to take a step of faith and just talk with us, but this man knew what he needed to and chose not to act. We cleaned the temple this morning with our ward, and that was such a glorious experience. The Spirit taught me a lot, and I know He will teach you as well. Just ask. I love you so much and pray for you everyday.
Elder King