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Monday, November 10, 2014

Elder Jaron Hoani King: Testify!!

Elder Jaron Hoani King: Elder Dea and I had a lot of fun Saturday night singing in our ward talent show. Elder Dea wanted to sing the song Testify ("Kiss the Girl" from the Little Mermaid, but missionary style) so we got up there and sang. Our ward is so wonderful. There were a bunch of non-members who came out, and the W. even got their friend to come sing! He is as cowboy as it gets so all I could think about was dad as he was singing about chaps, boots, and hats. Friday we went up to Sonora for an interview and we were again stunned by how beautiful it all is. Brett was interviewed, and baptized yesterday. 1st ward also had three baptisms Saturday night, and all three of them are doing so wonderful! A family we are working with super close is Jackie and Jared. They live out in the sticks, but want to move in to town soon. Their little girl M. is 1 so she is obviously super cute. Jared was raised in the church, and Jackie took some lessons before they moved off to Illinois. Luckily, they're back and we are going out to see them tonight. It gets dark now at about 5.30 so the night time can get really interesting out in the country. Elder Dea REALLY doesn't like dark, so we had some fun last night when we got out of the car in the middle of nowhere (Elder Dea kept saying "I swear this is in a scene from Texas Chainsaw Massacre). There was a locked gate so we didn't do much more than just yell a couple times and hope someone heard. There was a horse behind us, and it made us jump about 40 feet in the air. My companion and I will be playing some sports today with the youth, then the primary kids because they are all out school. Love ya! Have a great veteran's day!

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