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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Elder Jaron Hoani King: Flooding the Earth...or just Oakdale

Elder Dea and I joke every single day about all the crazy things that happen in Oakdale. We always say, "now just imagine if we didn't have the best ward in the world." Our ward is chalked full of the best people I know. This last week I went on an exchange with Elder Moss, and I brought him to our area. We had so much fun teaching together again! Then we went on an exchange where I was with Elder Padilla in our area again. Elder Padilla is so great and always looking to improve. If you meet him you would wonder what in the world he could even improve! I love that missionary. To even explain a portion of what happened yesterday I have to mention that Brother Johnson called us during the week and asked if we could teach the fourteen and fifteen year-old class for him because he was going to have to finish some things up at a property he owns. Elder Dea's favorite thing is working with the youth, so we gladly accepted. We had ward conference yesterday, which meant all the stake leaders came. Our ward council was incredible and President Seibert (a member of the stake presidency) taught us that approximately 80-90% of all lightning strikes that occur annually happen to men. One contributing factor is that men tend to be out more, but they also don't come in as quickly. He taught about how it really is a wonderful thing that within the auxiliaries of the Lord's Church we have both men and women counseling together. I was reminded of all the wonderful sisters that have shaped my life. Sister Wagner from the stake also taught about how we need to be counseling together in order to use the council most effectively. Why am I telling you all this? It was super good, but you probably just had to be there. Bishop Olsen (seriously the best person in the world) also gave the most touching talk during sacrament. So... Elder Dea and I were at the church and our meeting doesn't end until 4:00 right? Well the 1st ward had a baptism at 4:30, so we decided to go and fill the font half-way while we taught, and then go fill it with hot water later just so 3rd hour can use the font room for the young men and young women... well we turn it on because we were told it took an hour to fill it. You see where this is going don't you? Someone (years ago) covered the overflow because it was too low for baptism, but Brother Astle calls us during our lesson and I answered it for once, long story short, we flooded the font room, into the hallways. While we are cleaning up all the water, we get a call from 1st that their baptism canceled. I know there is opposition in all things. Elder Dea and I are so grateful for all the people around us! We couldn't do any of this without them. This Church is true! Especially when these 18 year-olds are trusted to do things as simple as fill the font. Nicolette was baptized yesterday. I love ya. Thanks so much for all your prayers! Love, Elder King

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